Thank you for visiting Pink Oatmeal’s shop!  I’m so glad that you have found me!  I’m Chanda and I am the creator of Pink Oatmeal.  I am also a physical therapist, wife, and mom to three little kids.

Pink Oatmeal Shop was created with the mission of making physical activity and motor development easy to access and ready to go for you!  As a mom and a physical therapist working the majority of my career in the public schools I’ve seen first hand how important physical activity is for kids and how opportunities for physical activity are being reduced.

I love designing and creating  resources!  I use my resources in work and home and they have made physical activity and motor activities so much more fun for the kids and myself!

I wanted a place that parents, teachers, and other therapist could come to find fun resources that were committed to making physical activity and motor planning easy to incorporate into lessons, use as brain breaks, use at home, and use in therapy sessions.

Take a look around at everything I have to offer and please contact me with any questions!


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