Group Transferable License Account Management Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the transferable group licensing options from Pink Oatmeal.  This license is ideal for schools and clinics and saves you money when you buy more than one license.  The transferable group licenses can be purchased at anytime via the website or purchase order.

All-Access Pass Lifetime Transferable Group

Making Your Purchase

If making your purchase via purchase order reach out directly to [email protected]

Terms To Know

Owner – The “owner” is the school/clinic/individual making the purchase.  They have full control over how many seats/licenses are purchased.  They also have full control over who is added to the membership/team.   This person will have an account, but may not necessarily have access to the membership benefits.

Example:  School District 333 purchases 6 licenses/seats for their teachers and therapists.  The owner is the school district and the financial manager is running the account.  They are able to add or remove team members but they do not have access to the membership benefits themselves and they do not use up one of the licenses.

Team – All the different individuals that have a membership.

Seats – Used interchangeably with licenses.  For example, if you purchase 6 seats you are purchasing 6 All-Access Membership Licenses.

Purchasing Directly On The Website

Adding Members to the Team

This section shows you how to add members to your team.

Member – Has access to all membership benefits.

Manager – Has access to all membership benefits plus can add a remove members from the team.

Getting Started

To add members to the team you start by logging into your account that you created at checkout.

Once you are logged in you will click on the teams option from the menu.

In the teams section you will be able to add individuals to the membership.   You will see the number of seats you have available to add.  This is reflected off of how many you purchased at checkout.

Watch the video to see how to add members to the team.

Managing the Membership

Start of by making sure you are logged in.

Once you are logged in you will click on the teams option from the menu.

The following video shows you how to manage your group/team membership account.

Using a Purchase Order?

These accounts can be manually set up when paying with a purchase order!   When you create your purchase order be sure to include the email and name of the person that will be the “owner” of the account.

More Questions?

Contact [email protected] with more questions

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