Thank You

Thank you for enrolling in Leveraging Technology for Efficiency as a School-Based Therapist. Pink Oatmeal is committed to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to excel in efficiency as a school-based therapist.

Before you get into the course, there are a few very important points to know.

  1. This course is hosted on Teachable and is a separate account from your Pink Oatmeal account. Courses are hosted off the Pink Oatmeal site.
  2. You would have either created a Teachable account when you purchased the course or you may have already had one from purchasing prior courses.
  3. To access your course, login here, there is a login button at the top right corner. (You should already be logged in as you just purchased the course)
  4. If for some reason you forget your password when logging in, hit the forgot password button as we do not have access to your password on Teachable.
  5. You will receive a receipt email from Teachable as they are the program that hosts the courses.
  6. Watch your email (the email you used to enroll in the course) for information from Pink Oatmeal about the course.


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