Lifetime Transferable License – Group Pricing

$339.99 per member

The transferable license group membership allows you to control the members of your group.  With group pricing you save.  Prices will be reflected in the checkout.  See discount pricing below.   See a full overview of how the group membership transferrable license option works by clicking here.

Number of Seats:

Are you a school district or clinic looking to purchase a transferable license for several of your employees?

See how these work and how you can manage your transferable group/team membership!

When you purchase a transferable membership for a large group of individuals in the same company, clinic, or school you save money and know that this valuable membership license can be transferred.

Should I check the box?

The person purchasing the membership becomes the owner of the membership (the school district or clinic).  If you are the purchaser and also planning to access the membership check the box to take a seat.  If you do not plan to access the membership (for example the financial officer in a school district or finance person in a clinic) but plan to control who has access to the membership, do not check the box.


3-5 Members – Save 20% on each license

6-15 Members – Save 30% on each license

15+ Members – Save 40% on each license

30+ Members – Save 50% on each license


Simply select the number of licenses you plan to purchase.  Pricing will be adjusted based on the member of memberships added to your cart.  This pricing will be reflected once you get to the checkout page.

You will be prompted to sign-up with an email and create a password for your group account at checkout.

With this purchase you will be creating one account for your group to use.


Your group will immediately have access to ALL of Pink Oatmeal’s resources for free, a video library for members for even more motor planning and physical activity ideas, members only products that aren’t even in the shop and themed planning ideas for each month.

Group membership licenses must all be purchased at once.  There is no adding licenses to group memberships after the initial purchase.

With this purchase you will receive a download that will give you instructions to a quick and simple tour of your membership dashboard.


School district ABC purchases 3 lifetime membership transferable licenses for their staff.   One of these staff members decides to leave and is replaced by a new staff member.  The new staff member is now able to use the transferable license.  Later on, school district ABC decides to hire an additional staff member.  This new staff member wants access to Pink Oatmeal’s products.  School district ABC now must purchase an additional license as their are 4 individuals accessing Pink Oatmeal’s membership.

Email [email protected] with any questions


*Pink Oatmeal accepts purchase orders on orders over $50 dollars, please contact [email protected] for further information on group memberships with purchase orders*


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