Therapist Special Bundle


The Ultimate Therapist Bundle is specially designed for therapists. This bundle includes games for strengthening, balance and bilateral coordination! All games can be played in PowerPoint, Google Slides, the PDF file or you can even print them out and use them as printables! Get in on this limited time offer and save. More details below.

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The Ultimate Therapist Pack Limited Time Special


Think of how great it would feel to have a collection of fun and engaging resources that you can use right now with your kids to work on motor skills?!?

The Ultimate Therapist Pack provides you with just that! Get a variety of engaging games that work on strengthening, bilateral coordintation and balance. Plus, these games are ideal for all settings. Play them in PowerPoint, Google Slides, the PDF file or even print them to play!

See What's Included In The Pack

Click on each individual resource below to get a full description of each resource included in the pack! 


But Don't Wait...

When the time runs out, the offer is gone. Your kids will LOVE these games and so will you!

Just Take It From Other Therapy Professionals That Use Pink Oatmeal

"A huge, huge thanks to Chanda Jothen (Pink Oatmeal) and her collection of resources and activities. My brain is starting to short circuit and you gave me life support to be creative and fun. Thank you, you are the most awesome of awesome there is.”
"The best thing that happened to tele-health was finding your website! Thank you for the awesome work you have put into your website! My kids are loving all the digital activities and I am loving how easy this has been for me!"
“From the interactive brain breaks to movement cards to therapy awards – Pink Oatmeal is the best and my favorite resource to when planning physical therapy sessions! My students absolutely love when we put the interactive brain breaks on the smartboard. The activities and games are engaging, quick to learn and provide fun ways to improve coordination, strength, balance and endurance. During our first quarter conference night, the students decided to teach their families how to play several of the fall themed games and they were even correcting their parents body mechanics in the motor room! Thank you Chanda and Pink Oatmeal for these awesome products!”


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