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Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass

“The Pink Oatmeal Membership was the BEST INVESTMENT I have ever made in my career! AMAZING!”

“I truly don’t know what I would have done this past year without Pink Oatmeal. As a school based pediatric PT, it made virtual therapy so much more fun for the kids (and me). Now that we are back in the classroom in person, I am still using all of the resources. The lifetime membership cost is honestly the best money that I have ever spent on anything related to my peds PT career. If you are on the fence, just do it – I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Pink Oatmeal is a one stop shop! I love the themes, kid friendly pictures and purposeful movement breaks for teachers and therapists to implement. I am a school based Occupational Therapist and use these materials daily. My own two children love the card decks! I love the motor packs which cuts down my session planning time. This membership is a valuable resource!”


“Pink Oatmeal has so many beautiful and super useful resources, I’m totally in love with all her products! The membership is simply AWESOME as you get access to all of the products PLUS a lot of great extras that are only available for members like very useful videos with ideas, monthly calendars with theme ideas  and exclusive products!!! As a mother and kids yoga teacher I can’t thank Pink Oatmeal enough for creating such fantastic and different products that I can use both at my classes as well as at home with my own kids, they all LOVE each and every single set. And the best part is that I don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out themes and activities for my classes because Pink Oatmeal has it already figured out for me! I definitely recommend the membership to any teacher or parent who wants to keep their students and kids entertained in a healthy way “

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your resources. I have been selectively buying your products for a couple years now and I just finally purchased your All Access Member pass. It is WONDERFUL! “

“Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long… I have been using your free library, and picking up items a little at a time for the past year to help make my virtual therapies more engaging and fun for my students. Last week, I finally splurged for the lifetime membership… I’m like a kid in a candy store now! I can’t thank you enough for having this site and these resources available to all of us out here still struggling to do virtual. I know you started this when life was normal, but since it hasn’t been, wow! what a life saver you’ve been. You save me time and keep things fun!”

“From the interactive brain breaks to movement cards to therapy awards – Pink Oatmeal is the best and my favorite resource to when planning physical therapy sessions! My students absolutely love when we put the interactive brain breaks on the smartboard. The activities and games are engaging, quick to learn and provide fun ways to improve coordination, strength, balance and endurance. During our first quarter conference night, the students decided to teach their families how to play several of the fall themed games and they were even correcting their parents body mechanics in the motor room! Thank you Chanda and Pink Oatmeal for these awesome products!”

“I am a PT new to the school setting and I love all the great ideas Chanda has for fun activities for the kids both gross motor and fine. The weekly themes have been super helpful for planning and the printables are amazing! Really happy I joined the membership and can’t wait to try out all the activities with my kiddos this year!”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your resources. I have been selectively buying your products for a couple years now and I just finally purchased your All Access Member pass. It is WONDERFUL! “

“I have been using Pink Oatmeal videos and games to support remote video based physical therapy. Chanda has captured the essence of school based PT services succinctly and effectively in her exercises and activities. Each exercise is thoughtfully designed to address student challenges and can be used with different ages. She has created activities that engage the cognitive realm and promote skill development. My elementary and preschool students have benefited and parents are very satisfied. Initially, I had to learn how to use the remote learning platforms. Then I began videotaping myself. One session took hours to record and re record and make props since I didn’t have any materials at home to support instruction. Then I found Pink Oatmeal. Without her support, I would not have been able to teach remotely while caring for my family. I highly recommend Pink Oatmeal. My only regret is not having started paying attention to her sooner.”

“I love your stuff! I’m so glad our district actually purchased it for our A.P.E. teachers.”

“I first wanted to thank you for this website. My students are really enjoying everything I have used from this website. I am so glad I paid for the membership!”

“I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you for keeping me somewhat sane by providing a way to connect thru zoom as a school based PT. I  now work fully remotely, with elementary aged children. Before I found you I felt so lost and exhausted, like I was completely wasting my time and not doing anything PT related at all, and feeling like I was unable to even connect (my new goal…just to get the kids to connect) with many of my students through zoom.  Your digital format has allowed me to get eye contact and engagement with all of my students, even my hard to reach students. Even my students who are lower level and have behavioral issues are now participating! These are students  who I previously couldn’t even get  to look at the screen. Yesterday I used your digital north pole powerpoint and my student who is nonverbal and doesn’t even make eye contact in person was looking  at the screen and was absolutely giggling, smiling, happy, connected, and even  trying her best to approximate all of the activities. thank you so much!”

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Pink Oatmeal Readers and Shoppers

“A huge, huge thanks to Chanda Jothen (Pink Oatmeal) and her collection of resources and activities. My brain is starting to short circuit and you gave me life support to be creative and fun. Thank you, you are the most awesome of awesome there is.”

“Thank you for offering the School Based PT 101 course for free. It has been such a great resource for me and I really appreciate that you’ve created this free resource. I am graduating in May and am hoping to pursue a career in school-based PT (currently in the interview process!) and I’m sure this resource will help!”

“I usually don’t reply to follow up emails but felt compelled to thank you for your excellent products. I have been a PT for over 25 years and the transition over to remote services this spring has been challenging, sharpening my technology skills while pushing the boundaries of my creativity at the same time. Your website, exercise cards and Instagram posts have saved me much frustration several times over. I am getting ready to start teaching my pediatric PT course next week and will be adding your website to my “tried and true” resources.”

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