Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get my download that I purchased?

Your download will immediately be emailed to you upon purchase.  Please be sure to check all of your inboxes and spam mail.  You will also be able to access your downloads from your Pink Oatmeal account 24/7.

How do I sign-up for an account?

When you checkout you will create a password for your account. You can use your email and the password to login and access your downloads. This will allow you to access your orders from your Pink Oatmeal account at anytime.

Is a shop account the same as my freebie library access?

No, the freebie library access and shop are two different accounts.  You gain access to the freebie library when you sign up for the email list.  The shop account is available to access your resources as well as your All-Access Pass Membership.

What are the benefits of an account?

With an account you have access to all of your downloads 24/7 and do not need to search your email looking for links.  You will have access to all updates to the product.  You will be eligible to collect points to redeem on future purchases.

I’ve signed up for an account but don’t see purchases I made before signing up?

The system isn’t smart enough to link purchases made prior to signing up for an account, but the good news is that you can email [email protected] and previous purchases can be linked as long as you are using the SAME email address.

Do products get shipped to me?

No all products are downloadable and digital.  .

How do I pay?

You have the option to pay through Paypal using your Paypal account or a credit card.  You also have the option of using your credit card through the secure payment processor Stripe.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, gift card options are available from Pink Oatmeal.  You can email it to yourself or whomever you are purchasing for.  Click here to purchase your gift card.

Can I share my purchases with my friends or coworkers?

No, you have purchased a single license for use for one person.  For group discount rates please contact [email protected]

Can I return my purchases?

Due to the nature of the resources this is not available.  Duplicate purchases can be refunded.   I always want a happy customer so if you have any concerns about your purchase or made a duplicate purchase please contact [email protected]

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, Pink Oatmeal accepts purchase orders on orders greater than $100.  See the schools and clinics page. 

Can I use your resources for distance learning?

Yes you can!  Please see the terms and conditions for specifics.

PLUS, be sure to check out the tutorials section to make the most of the resources during distance learning.

Freebie Library

I signed up for the freebie library but I can’t figure out how to access it?

You need to check your email as you should have received an email with the password for the freebie library.  Be sure to read the entire email to get your password.  Once you have your password you go to the freebie library and enter it in to access all of the freebies in one large collection.

I can’t remember my freebie library password?

No worries, you can go to the forgot your password page to get it!

I signed up for an account, but my password isn’t working.

The freebie library and shop account are 2 separate entities.  Make sure you are using your freebie library password and NOT your shop account password.

Points and Rewards

What are points?

Points are earned for every purchase you make, when you sign up for an account or when you leave a review.  In order to get points you must sign up for an account.

What are points worth?

20 points is worth up to $1 dollar in Pink Oatmeal products.

My purchase is for $10.50 but I am earning 11 points?

Points will always round up when making your purchase!

How do I earn points?

You receive one point for each dollar you spend in the store, five points for every review you leave, and 20 points for signing up for an account.

Where can I find out how many points I have?

When you log in to your account you click on the points tab to see your points accrual.

How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points at checkout.  There will be a prompt when you checkout letting you know how many points that you have to redeem.

Membership Questions

What do I get?

You are purchasing an All-Access Pass Membership to Pink Oatmeal’s website. You get lifetime access to ALL  digital games and printable resources from Pink Oatmeal ( yes everything)! PLUS you get all new Pink Oatmeal downloadable and digital games added to the shop for a lifetime.

There are even bonuses that go with being a Pink Oatmeal member including.

  • A video library of movement and motor planning ideas, and printables that are for members.
  • An editable (Google Drive) themed motor lesson plan book and motor planning calendars.  All with clickable links to videos and printables to go along with the theme. A PDF version of lesson plans are available as well.
  • Printables that are for members only, they aren’t even available for sale!

Do I need an account to gain access to my resources?

Yes, when you purchase your all access pass membership you will be prompted to set up an account.  You need this so that you can log in and access all of the resources.

What if I already have an account?

You can use the account you already have set up to gain access to Membership benefits. Simply make sure you are logged in when you check out.

When can I start using Pink Oatmeal’s resources?

Immediately! Once you purchase your membership, you will gain immediate access to all members only materials. You will receive a download with your purchase, which will include a link to give you a video walk through of what you will find as part of your membership.

How long can I access the materials?

You can access all your membership benefits at any time of the day and all times!

Can I share my resources with my co-workers?

When you purchase a Pink Oatmeal membership you are purchasing a single license, meaning it is for use for one person. Group memberships are available!  Click here to learn more.

If I buy the membership do I get access to all newly added resources as well?

YES!  You get access to all of Pink Oatmeal’s newly added digital gamed and downloadable resources and anything that is added.

Does my membership renew each year?

No, lifetime members always have access and don’t need to worry about renewals.  Hassle free!

How do I cancel?

If you find you want to cancel your membership  Go into your account.  Click on memberships in the dashboard.  Under memberships click manage.  You can cancel your membership there.

If I cancel will I still have access to my downloads?

Since you are purchasing a Lifetime Membership, there should be no need to cancel.  In case you do…all files are downloadable it is good practice to save every file you download to your computer.  Once your membership ends you will no longer be able to download for free.   Downloads will NOT be under the download tab in your account as you are not going through the checkout to access your members only downloads so be sure that you have saved your downloads if your membership expires.


The file looks great on the screen but when I go to print the pictures or words don’t look right?

There is a good chance that you just need to make sure that you update your PDF reader.  I personally like Acrobat by Adobe – the free version for my PDF files.  See the downloading and printing help page.

More Questions?

Contact us – [email protected]

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