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Thanks for being a Pink Oatmeal member!  You are all set for your motor planning and physical activity needs!  With your purchase you have officially become an All-Access Pass holder.  You need to log in to your account that you created in order to access your All-Access Pass membership.  Below is a video and instructions giving you an overview of the membership dashboard.

After watching the videos do you still have questions on how to access your membership?  Please contact [email protected]

Start by logging in the account area.

You created an account when you made your purchase.  If you are not currently logged in you will need to log in on the account page.

 Dashboard Overview

The following videos give you a tour of your All-Access Pass Lifetime Membership and shows you where you can access and find everything included with your membership!

Lifetime Membership Overview

Motor Lesson Plans – PLUS Members

For those who upgraded to the PLUS plan.  This video goes over how to use the lesson plans once you have downloaded them.  Clicking on links in the lesson plans will direct you to resources and videos associated with the plan.

More Information

Check out Pink Oatmeal’s Terms and Conditions in regards to Pink Oatmeal resources.

Pink Oatmeal provides you with several different tutorials to help you best use your Pink Oatmeal resources.

Save on Courses

As a Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass Lifetime Member  you will also save 30% on Pink Oatmeal Courses! Click on course discounts in the Members Area to get your discount code.

Still have questions?  Contact [email protected]


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