Construction Fitness Signs


The construction fitness signs are perfect to add movement to your construction or community helper theme.  Your kids will love this construction activity and so will you.  Downloadable PDF file.  Read more below.

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A fun construction activity that adds movement to your construction theme or community helpers theme.

Use these any time of the year.

Print, laminate and use the fitness signs over and over again.

  • Use circuits as a brain break.  Pull up file and show picture on interactive white board and have class use as a brain break.
  • Use for physical education.
  • Use for physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy.
  • Use in a fitness unit, construction unit, or community helpers unit.
  • Make it part of a center, station, or workshop.  Have one of your centers/stations/jobs be fitness circuits.
  • Use each morning to start the day.
  • Use for transitions or down time.
  • Use for indoor recess.

Downloadable PDF File

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