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Welcome to the Pink Oatmeal digital resources page!  This page is dedicated to helping you work with Pink Oatmeal digital resources.

Check out the video that gives you an overview of Pink Oatmeal resources.  All resources are available in PowerPoint format. Several resources are also available to be played digitally in a PowerPoint format.  All the resources can be converted from PowerPoint to Google Slides for those of you that use Google Classroom with the exception of animated resources such as spinners.

Wanting to use Pink Oatmeal’s printable resources digitally?  That can be done too!  See the tips for turning PDF resources digital page.

See The Digital Games In Action

This tutorial gives you an overview of Pink Oatmeal’s digital games. In this tutorial I downloaded the resource as a member would.  The Interactive Yoga resource can also be purchased separate from the membership and the same instructions would apply. Many resources can be played in PowerPoint, PDF format, or converted to Google Slides. Be sure to read the product description on each resource to see how the resource can be utilized.

Converting PowerPoint to Google Slides

This tutorial goes over how to convert PowerPoint games to Google slides.  The tutorial demonstrates the Interactive Animal Yoga Pack, but almost all PowerPoint resources can be converted the same way! The ones that can’t be converted are animated resources such as the spinners. Many resources can be played in PowerPoint, PDF format, or converted to Google Slides. Be sure to read the product description on each resource to see how the resource can be utilized.

Many of the resources can be played directly from the PDF file as well.  It will be noted in the product description if this is possible.  See how the Fitness Fun game is played directly from the PDF file!

See all of the resources available in the Pink Oatmeal growing digital library.

Playing Interactive Games in the PDF file

Many of Pink Oatmeal’s games can also be directly played in clickable PDF files! Yes, the games can be played right in the PDF file! Anytime you are opening PDF files you should always use the most updated version of your PDF reader and it is highly recommended that you use Acrobat by Adobe (free version). Opening PDF files in internet browsers or outdated PDF readers can result in poor results in using the file for printing etc. It is highly recommended that you follow the same rules for playing the interactive games in the PDF files. Use the most updated version of Acrobat by Adobe to open and read your PDF files.

Trouble Opening PowerPoint Show Files

There may be a reason that you need to open the PowerPoint show files you have in regular PowerPoint.  This may occur when your computer is having trouble opening the show file or when you want to screen share (see videos below). There is a way to do this!  Caution: When opening in PowerPoint mode that you don’t manipulate the file as it could cause the game not to work as it should!

Screen Sharing In Zoom

In these tutorials I am using the free version of Zoom on a laptop.

For other screen sharing platforms, you will need to ask your tech person or refer to documentation in regards to screen sharing options as I am not versed in screen share options on all of the different platforms and programs out there.

Do you use Zoom?  Want to see how to screen share and even give control of the screen?  Check out our demonstration!

In the next video we show you how we screen share in Zoom opening a PowerPoint show file as many of Pink Oatmeal’s PowerPoint games come in PowerPoint show mode! 

Google Meets

I am not a Google Meets User, but I’ve had people that are Google Meets Users point at a couple of YouTube Videos that have been helpful for them in regards to screen sharing. Click on the links below to see the different YouTube videos.

Google Meet – How To Give Remote Control With One Click

Share Your Screen and Watch Your Students In Google Meet

More Tutorials

CLICK HERE to see all the other tutorials Pink Oatmeal has available to make resources easier for you!

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