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What do I get?

You are purchasing access to Pink Oatmeal video library.

You will have access to all of Pink Oatmeal’s activity and skill videos all organized for you. You will also have access to all newly videos for as long as you are a member. 

What ages is this for?

The kiddos in the video are preschool and elementary school aged. I generally say preschool and up will work for most activities. That being said, it is more important to focus on your kiddos ability levels than age. 

Is this a substitute for therapy?

NO, this is not a substitute for therapy. You must always consult with your own therapist in regards to a therapy plan. 

Do I need fancy equipment?

No, we try to keep these videos to basic equipment such as cones, balls, painters tape, air discs or nothing at all. (The highest priced item in the videos is a Bosu Ball). 

When can I start using Pink Oatmeal’s video library?

Immediately! Once you purchase your membership, you will have access to the videos for as long as you are a member.

When can I access the video library?

You can access all your membership benefits at any time of the day! 

Can I share my login with my co-workers?

No, When you purchase a Pink Oatmeal membership you are purchasing a single license, meaning it is for use for one person. Please do not share your login information with anyone else. Group memberships are available at a discount.

Does my  renew each year?

Yes, your membership will renew annually unless you cancel it. 

I have an All-Access Pass, can I access the video library already?

Yes, if you are an All-Access Member, you already have access to the Pink Oatmeal video library. Do NOT purchase the video library separately, you already have it as part of your All-Access Pass!

Will my renewal price stay the same?

Yes, your renewal price stays the same, even if the price of the membership has gone up. BUT, if you cancel you will have to pay the new price. Coupons are only good for a one time use. If you had a coupon for your first year, it will only work on your first year membership. 

How do I cancel?

If you find you want to cancel your membership  Go into your account.  Click on memberships in the dashboard.  Under memberships click manage.  You can cancel your membership there.

If I cancel will I still have access to the videos?

You will have access for the period you paid for. After that, you will no longer be able to access the video library. For example, if you purchased the Annual Pass on September 1, 2022 you will have access until September 1, 2023. If you cancel during that period, you will no longer have access after August 31, 2023.

Do I get access to all your digital and printable resources as well?

No, this is video library only access, in order to gain access to all the digital and printable resources you must purchase the Pink Oatmeal All-Access Pass.

 Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, on orders larger than $100 Pink Oatmeal accepts purchase orders.  Contact [email protected] to inquire about purchase orders.


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