Locomotor Target Toss Fly Games


Get your hands on these adorable ways to work on locomotor skills and ball skills/target practice all in one games! Squash your fly targets with a ball or bean bag and perform the associated locomotor movement! You will receive a downloadable PDF file with your purchase. Read more details below.

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Think of how great it would be to have a game that combined both locomotor skills and ball skills/target practice. We’ve got that game for you! The Locomotor Target Toss Fly Games has your working on target practice and locomotor skills combined in one fun game!

Feel confident you have a fun game that works on a variety of skills that you and your kids will LOVE!

Included In The Pack

Fly Shapes Target Toss Locomotor Game

Fly Color Target Toss Locomotor Game

How To Play

Place the targets (either shape flies or color flies) on the wall. Toss a ball or bean bag at the target. When you hit the target,  do the corresponding locomotor movement.


Shapes Game – 14 shapes targets, shapes locomotor sheet

Color Game – 14 color target, color locomotor sheet

Total Pages: 21

Downloadable PDF File


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