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Make movement fun with several different themes with this limited time offer!  Read more details below.  Don’t miss out on your chance to save big!

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Movement Cards Bundle Limited Time Offer The Price Will Go up when the time runs out

Make movement fun with the movement card bundle!

Adding physical activity to the day is a must for learning.

Instead of the same boring activities use the movement cards to easily integrate movement into your different themes or for brain breaks.  These cards can be interchanged and used all year long!


Movement cards are very simple moves associated with a particular picture.  There is no set time or duration.  You get to choose how long you want to work on the movement!

The set-up is simple.  Print, laminate, and cut out cards.  Place them on a ring or put them in a box.  Use the full sheet printables as posters around the room or go no prep and use them on your whiteboard!


You will receive 10 different sets of downloadable PDF file movement cards and full sheet printables + 2 Bonus Sets when you purchase this bundle. 

Each set includes a card with an associated full sheet printable so that they can be used as cards, used on your whiteboards, or posted on the walls.

Each set includes anywhere from 14-16 different movement cards and printables for each theme.

BONUS INCLUDED:  2 Additional free sets of movement cards

Movement Cards Bundle

The different sets of cards included as part of this set are below. 

Pet Themed Movement Cards 

Ocean Themed Movement Cards 

Farm Themed Movement Cards

Zoo Themed Movement Cards 

Insects, Bugs, Creepy Crawlers  

Rainforest Themed Movement Cards 

Forest Themed Movement Cards 

Desert Themed Movement Cards

Wetland Themed Movement Cards 

Arctic Themed Movement Cards  

Bonus Freebie Sets: 

Circus Themed Movement

Transportation Themed Movement Cards

Downloadable PDF Files


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