Calm Down Corner Resource Pack


The calm down corner resources pack includes several resources to get you started on setting up an area in your classroom, home, or therapy center.  When you purchase this pack you will receive a downloadable PDF file.  You will not receive a physical product.  Read more details below.

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Do your kids need that space where they can go to calm down or take a break when they are frustrated, angry, or overwhelmed?

Do you need resources to make this space perfect for your classroom, home, or therapy center?

Imagine how great it would feel to have all the printable resources you need to create a calming space in your classroom, home, or therapy center? 

Not only would you have it all, but you could feel confident knowing that your kids have a space where they can go to calm down or take a break!  

  • You will have all of the printable resources you need to create a calm down corner or space in your setting.
  • You will save time, money, and effort by trying to create your own resources!
  • You will have a large selection of activities to choose from and rotate through.

Create the perfect space using  calming choices, yoga, breathing techniques, movement cards and more when you buy the calm down corner resources!

Resources Included In This Pack

  • Calm Down Activity Cards (30 Activities)
  • I need... Printable (1)
  • Create Your Own Calm Down Printable Template (1)
  • Calm Down Choices Label
  • Exercise Binder Cover
  • Exercise Cards and Cover Card (18)
  • 20 Emotions Cards (6 per sheet)
  • 20 Full Sheet Emotions Printables
  • "I feel..." Printable
  • Emotions Binder Cover
  • Mindfulness Breathing Activities Cover
  • Mindfulness Breathing Finger Tracing - 8 Printables
  • 14 Calm Down Yoga Cards and Printables
  • Yoga Flow Printables (4)
  • 5 Calm Down Area Printable Signs
  • Pictures and Instructions

117 Total Pages

Downloadable PDF File

Get started on creating the perfect space today and join thousands of others already using Pink Oatmeal resources in their classrooms, homes, and/or therapy centers. 

Hello there!  I’m Chanda, and I create the resources at Pink Oatmeal.  I’m a pediatric therapist that has worked in the school systems and busy mom of three!  I know the importance of incorporating activities that provide calming and the ability for kiddos to be ready to concentrate and learn.  I want you to benefit from my love for creating resources and have it all done for you in one place!  Get your calm down corner resources and join me and thousands of others using Pink Oatmeal resources today!   


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