Dinosaur Theme Yoga


Dinosaur themed yoga cards and printables.  When you purchase this fun set of yoga cards and printables, you will receive a downloadable PDF file.  You will not receive a physical product.

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Dinosaur yoga poses are a great way to get moving during the day. The yoga cards have fun pictures (note they are everyday objects and not pictures of kids in the yoga pose) to describe the yoga pose with a description of how children can get in the yoga pose.



How to Use

Dinosaur yoga poses usually work best when gone through as a group or individually at first in steps until students get good at knowing the poses. After kiddos get good at the yoga cards they can get into the poses by just having the pictures out for them to see! Cut out and laminate the cards and put them on a ring or bulletin board. Use at stations. Go no-prep and use these on your white board or tablet.

Who Can Use Them

Anyone can use Dinosaur yoga cards and printables! They are inclusive to all abilities as they are easily adaptable! Not everyone has to look the same in their yoga poses! They are great for use in the regular classroom, special education room, occupational/physical therapy and physical education.

Where to Use Them

The yoga cards are a great for movement break during the day, use at circle time, morning meeting, free time or for use during stations. The yoga cards are fun for use during physical education or in group/individual physical and occupational therapy. The yoga cards are a great way to add simple movement into the day which we know is essential for learning and concentration! Use them with a unit involving animals or Africa!


There are 12 individual yoga poses- 4 yoga poses per page

12 descriptions formatted for easy front to back printing

12 descriptions (same descriptions) if not wanting to print front to back

Yoga Card Cover

There are 12 full sheet printables (same poses)

Dowloadable PDF

Total Pages Including Cover, TOU and Credits: 25


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