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With the fitness bundle you will have a fabulous variety of ways to work on fitness!  Feel confident that you and your kids will love all of the ways to move!  You will be saving money by buying in a bundle! Downloadable PDF files.  Read more details below. 

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For a limited time the Fitness Bundle is on sale! Save over 50% on all of these fun fitness products with AMAZING bonus resources included! When the time is up the flash sale ends!


Imagine how great it would feel to have a collection of fitness materials created and ready to use right now!

Not only would you have it all, but you will feel confident knowing that you have fitness resources to use with your kids!  You will have activities that you and your kids will LOVE!

  • You will have screen free activities to promote movement.
  • You will have fun activities for your brain breaks, morning meetings, home or therapy sessions.
  • You won’t have to be spending time searching and creating your own resources, it’s all done for you!
  • You will be saving time, money, and effort when buying all these activities in the bundle!

The fitness bundle has a wide variety of fitness based exercises for you to use today!

The fitness bundle consists of some of  Pink Oatmeal’s favorite resources that are fitness focused along with some awesome bonuses!

Included In The Fitness Bundle

Fitness Circuit

Yoga Circuit

Fitness Bingo

Win It In A Minute

Fitness Fun Gross Motor Game

★★★BONUS Materials★★★

45 Full Sheet Printables of Fitness Exercises. These can also be printed in a smaller version by adjusting printer settings to use them as cards.

Balance Exercises
Flexibility Exercises
Bosu Ball Exercises
Physioball Exercises

These BONUSES are only available as part of this bundle! 


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