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The Fitness Escape Room – Pattern Theme is the perfect way to add movement to learning, incorporate fun brain breaks and/or use as an intervention for PT, OT, or speech.  They are also a ton of fun to use in your home.   When you purchase the Fitness Escape Room – Pattern Version you will receive one zipped files containing the digital game (PowerPoint Show File) and the PDF file.  You will also receive a downloadable PDF file with instructions and hard copies of the awards. All of these games can be played in PowerPoint, converted to Google Slides or played digitally in a PDF file!  Read more details below. 

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The Patterns/Codes Fitness Escape Room can be played digitally on your tablet, computer, or interactive whiteboard.When you purchase this product you will be given each escape room in digital format (PowerPoint file) and in hard copy format (downloadable PDF file).  There is also an instructions file and hard copy awards available for each game.

You can play these games by playing in PowerPoint, converting to Google Slides (see how to convert PowerPoint Files To Google Slides Here) or using the PDF file to play!  Even the PDF file can be played interactively!!!

If you do not want to play digitally the hard copy file will allow you to put the game together using envelopes and stations.   The hard copy will also allow for recording sheets for the digital games if desired.

Patterns  Escape Rooms

There are 10 different “rooms” as part of the game.  There is a problem to solve to get the code.  When the correct code is unlocked the fitness activity appears.  Once the fitness activity has been performed the kids can move to the next room and clue.  Fun sound effects are included to make the game even more fun!


When you purchase the escape rooms you will receive one zipped file containing the digital game (PowerPoint Show File) and the PDF file.

Use The Fitness Escape Games

Pattern and code solving

Problem Solving

Brain Breaks

Therapy Sessions – PT, OT, or Speech

Physical Education

Fitness Escape Room – Codes/Patterns Version


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