Scooter Board Obstacle Courses and Pathways


The Scooter Board Obstacle Course Pathways are a fantastic way to work on scooter board skills and motor skills with an added challenge.  Use it for breaks, movement at home, gross motor skills skills and/or use as an intervention for PT, OT, or speech. When you purchase this resource, you will receive a PDF file.    Read more details below. 

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Think of how great it would be to have a fun and engaging way to work on motor skills and learning at the same time! The Scooter Board Courses is just what you need.


There are 3 path courses and 5 path courses with 4 cones in each course

Follow the lines to know what cone to move too.

Add an activity at each cone if you wish, examples would be placing a ball under or on top of the cone.

There are 15 different printables with 3 or 5 courses on each one.

***You will need cones and a scooter board to utilize the printables. If you do not have colorful cones, uses pieces of colorful construction paper wrapped around or placed under each cone.***

Scooter Board Obstacle Courses and Pathways



When you purchase the scooter board courses you will receive a downloadable PDF file.

Use This Game For…

In the Classroom

At Home

Brain Breaks

Therapy Sessions – PT, OT, or Speech

Physical Education

During Transitions

Visual Perception Skills

Visual Motor Skills


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