Shadow Game – Gross Motor Game


When you purchase the Shadows Gross Motor Game you can feel confident you will have a fun gross motor game that you and your kids will LOVE.  Downloadable PDF file + digital file.  Read more details below!

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A fun gross motor game where kids work to imitate their shadows.

This is the perfect game for Groundhog’s Day and to use year round.

How to Use

  • Place them on the wall and have kids move around the room imitating the shadows.
  • Place them on the floor and have the kids move around the room to different spots on the floor and imitate the shadows.
  • Use the cards and let the kids draw a card and imitate the shadow.
  • All of these activities can be done with a single child to an entire classroom of children!

Go no-prep! A digital ready file is included that can be used in PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

Who Can Use Them
Anyone can use the Shadows Game and Printables! ! They are great for use in the regular classroom, special education room, occupational/physical therapy and physical education.

Where to Use Them
Use them in a classroom, physical education, therapy room, daycare, home or anywhere! This is a great game for Groundhog’s Day activity and can be used year round!

There are 25 cards (4 per page)

25 Full Page printables – same visuals as cards

25 Full Page Images that are digital ready – can be used in PowerPoint or Google Slides

Downloadable PDF

Total Pages: 34

See It In Action

See one way to play.  This is a great game to use as part an obstacle course!  It’s also fun to use in card format and let the kids draw a card and perform the action or to use at stations!


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