Shapes Theme Motor Pack


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Gross motor and fine motor activities with a shapes theme!
This pack includes activities and printables for fun ways to move your body and learn about shapes as well as fine motor skills activities that relate to shapes.  Click on the links to see the full preview of the two products included in the pack. 
Shapes Fine Motor Activities
Shapes fine motor skills activities pack. Fun activities that work on building fine motor skills all with a Shapes theme!
Prep once and use over and over again!
Who Can Use Them
They are great for use in the regular classroom, special education room, and occupational therapy.
Where to Use Them
The perfect fine motor activities that go hand in hand with learning shapes. Use this pack all year long.
•Shapes Roll and Color – Dice and Printable
•Shape Cotton Swab Painting – 2 Options
•Shape Manipulative Printables – 9 Shapes
•Shape Tracing Cards – 16 Cards
•Shape Dot Marker Printables – 15 Options
•Shape Craft Sticks Task Cards – 8 Options
•Shape Play Dough Mats – 13 Options
58 Total Pages
Downloadable PDF
Shapes Movement Pack
Included in the shapes movement pack
  • Shape Yoga 8 yoga cards with one yoga card cover Shapes Included: Heart, Star, Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Circle, Line, Crescent
  • Shape Hunt 12 Small Shapes (6 per sheet) 12 Full Page Shapes Suggested Gross Motor Moves To Add To The Hunt What Shapes Did You Find Checklist How Many Shapes Did You Find Sheet What Shape Looks Like Your Shape Sheet Draw The Shapes Sheet
  • Shape Cards For Shape Games The cards are included in the pack with instructions (with pictures) for the following games.  The same set of cards are used for each game. Shape Toss (2 Versions) Shape Trace
  • Shape Dice Included is a shape dice and exercise dice along with instructions on how to play
Who Can Use Them
Works great for Pre-K-K, special education, or concurrent with PT, OT, Speech. Use with math stations, working together as a class, in small groups or individually.
Where to Use Them
Use them in the regular classroom, special education classroom, or at therapy.
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