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Feel confident in your babies ability to do tummy time!  This downloadable PDF file will give you tips and tricks from an expert in pediatrics and child development to get started with making tummy time a happy time.  Tummy down time is a must for all babies.  Make tummy time a happy time!  More details below.

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The Tummy Time Resource Guide is a handy tool for tummy time.  The book covers all different aspects of tummy time in one place!

Set your mind at ease and have all of your tummy time questions answered in one place.

No more time searching the internet for ideas or solutions to your tummy time questions!

Your solution to making tummy time a breeze!

Feel confident with tummy time! 

Included in the Tummy Time Resource Guide

The Background Behind Tummy Time – Why our grandparents and even parents never did tummy time!

The Evidence For Doing Tummy Time – Is it really that important?

How Much Tummy Time Do I Need To Do – When Does It End?

Tummy Time Progression – What Tummy Time Looks Like As Your Baby Progresses

Tummy Time Tools – Do you need anything special for tummy time?

Tummy Time Positions – Ideas To Help Make Baby Happy In Tummy Time

Tummy Time Play Ideas – Engage Baby While In Tummy Time

BONUS:  Get a set of contrast cards for free with your tummy time book purchase!

Downloadable PDF

Pages: 40

What Other Parent’s Are Saying About The Book

“You are amazing!!! This book offers quick and easy ways to change up tummy time. My two boys hated tummy time and struggled with acid reflux. Both ended up with some plageocephally. One needing a cranial cap. I’m hoping my new baby will benefit from all the great ideas in this book and learn to love tummy time!”  – Mom of Two and Soon To Be Three

“No one told me anything about tummy time when I was in the hospital or pediatrician visit.  This was so helpful for me!” – New Mom


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