St Patrick’s Day Motor/Sensory Path and Obstacle Course

When you purchase the St. Patrick’s Day Themed Sensory and Motor Path Printables you will make changing your sensory path and motor path a breeze. Keep your sensory path fresh by changing out the exercises and tasks and changing themes!

The St. Patrick’s Day theme printables in this pack are designed to be added to your sensory paths and motor paths and to help you create a sensory and motor path. Adding a St. Patrick’s Day theme is perfect for all of March! Changing up the theme makes your path feel fresh and new all of the time!’

Printable exercises, tracing, and breathing exercises you can add to your current sensory paths and motor paths or create a path using the printables.

Feel confident your kids will love these activities and so will you!

Print, laminate and add them to your path!

See The Printables In Action!

***Please note these are extra printables to add to your sensory path, you are not receiving a sensory path with your purchase***


4 St. Patrick’s Day Themed Exercises (Color and Black and White)

5 St. Patrick’s Day Themed Tracing Patterns

3 Different St. Patrick’s Day Themed Breathing Printables (Color and Black and White)

St. Patrick’s Day Themed/Leprechaun Foot Prints (Color and Black and White)

Downloadable PDF File

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