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Think of how great it would feel to have a visual schedule created for you that you can use with your kids today in digital format!  Get started with 100+ choice cards, 11 different schedule formats and 20 emotions cards. The schedules are available to be used in PowerPoint or converted to Google Slides.  All choice cards are image files.   Read more information below!

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Think of how great it would be to have a visual schedule to utilize with your kids on a daily basis.  Think of how great it would feel to have it already created for you!  You can have this digital visual schedule with 100 different choices as well as 20 different emotions right now.

When you get this resource today you will have an easy way to show your kids what is happening in their day.  For some kids this is a great way to help them navigate and understand their day, therapy session etc. Many of us like to know what comes next and this schedule is a way to do it whether you are in a classroom, therapy session or at home!

This schedule can be used in PowerPoint or converted to Google Slides.

Included In Your Digital Visual Schedule

100+ different schedule choices organized into folder by manipulatives and tools, sensory and motor activities, clothing, and activities/tasks – JPEG (image) files

18 different emotion options – JPEG (image) files

11 different formats to use your schedule cards – in PowerPoint format, but can be converted to Google Slides.

See the Schedules In PowerPoint

See the Schedules in Google Slides


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