Halloween Themed Wheelchair Movement Game


The Halloween Wheelchair Digital Game is perfect for breaks, movement at home, strengthening and/or use as an intervention for PT, OT, or speech in a digital manner.  When you purchase this game you will receive one zipped file containing the PowerPoint file, PDF file with link to a Google Slides copy, and a PDF file of the game.  You can play these games by playing in PowerPoint,  Google Slides or using the PDF file to play!  Even the PDF file can be played interactively!!!  Read more details below. 

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Think about how great would it feel to have a movement game of movement and activities ideal for students in wheelchairs that can be played digitally or printed with a fall theme!?!  The Halloween Wheelchair Movement Game is your answer!   Feel confident you will have an awesome way to work on different exercises in a digital game. This game can also be printed out and used as printables! 

The Halloween Wheelchair Movement Digital Game can be played digitally on your tablet, computer, or interactive whiteboard.  All of these games can be played in PowerPoint, Google Slides or played digitally in a PDF file!  YES!  This game can even be played digitally from a PDF! 

Pick a symbol.

Do the move to match that symbol.

Try them all!

Halloween Themed Wheelchair Movement Digital Game

See this game in action playing it via PowerPoint, Google Slides or right in the PDF. This video is sped up so you can see much of  it in action.  The game is played by the child clicking on and performing the movements.  

This game can also be printed and used that way too! One example is putting them on a door or in a hallway!


When you purchase the Halloween Themed Wheelchair Movement Digital Game you will receive one zipped file containing a PowerPoint file, PDF file with a Google Slides copy link and PDF file.    These files can also be printed and used as printables.

Use This Game For…

Distance Learning

In-Person Learning – Use on a computer, tablet, screen cast or interactive whiteboard.

At Home

Brain Breaks

Therapy Sessions – PT, OT, or Speech

Physical Education

During Transitions



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