Princess Themed Brain Breaks


Fast, fun, and efficient with a princess theme! Your kiddos (princesses) will LOVE these pirate themed cards. There are a variety of ways to move all sticking with the pirate theme. You can feel confident you will have fun and engaging ways to move that your kids will loves. With your purchase you will receive a downloadable file. Read more details below.

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48 Brain Breaks with a Princess Theme.   Fast, fun and effective with a princess theme, designed with physical activity in mind!

How to Use
Cut out and laminate (for long term use) brain breaks and put them on a ring or use on a bulletin board. The majority of the brain breaks are quick brain breaks that don’t last longer than a minute. Do as many as you’d like at a time!

Who Can Use Them
Anyone can use Princess brain breaks! They are great for use in the regular classroom (centers, stations, morning meeting, brain breaks), special education room, occupational/physical therapy and physical education. Brain breaks are a must all year long!

Where to Use Them
The brain breaks are perfect for use during a morning meeting, when the class needs a break, physical education or during transitions. Use in therapies as warm-ups or prior to testing! Great for indoor recess! Perfect way to get the kids moving all year long!

48 Cards (4 per page)
1 Card Cover

Total Pages: 17

Downloadable PDF

What Others Are Saying About Princess Brain Breaks

“Love these! I have used them all week in my sessions with little girls and haven’t done the same one twice! I love the brain breaks and games. Definitely worth the price!”

“Fantastic activities and so cute! Saved me so much time! Thank you!”

“Great for the young girls on my caseload.”


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