QR Task Cards for Older Kids


The QR Task Cards for older kids are the perfect way to engage your older kiddos and get them to buy in to your exercise activities.! Your kids will love completing each card and working on motor skills at the same time. You will receive downloadable PDF files with your purchase. Read more details below. 

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The QR Task Cards for older kids (upoer elementary and middle school) are a fun and engaging way to work on motor skills while seeming like you are “hip and in the know” with technology.

Feel confident you have a fun way to work on motor skills your kids will love. 

There are a variety of ways that you can use the task cards.

  • Draw the task cards and scan with a tablet.
  • Place the task cards around the room and scan.
  • Use on a door
  • Use in the hallway as brain break

QR task cards for older kids. You will scan the task cards, click on a link and a video of the activity that you need to perform will come up!

There are 44 different task cards broken down by 4 different categories.



Core Strength

Lower extremity

Print, laminate and use over and over again!




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