Seated Exercise Activity Cards and Printables


Get your hands on 26 different seated activity and exercise cards!  Get these hard to find images and descriptions, perfect for kids, that are hard to find anywhere!  With your order you will recieve a downloadable PDF file.  Read more details below.

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Get 26 seated exercise activity cards and printables!  This set is perfect for a wide range of ages with pictures and descriptions.

Feel confident that you have fantastic seated exercise activities and strengthening cards and printables for kids, with hard to find exercise graphics, that you can use on a regular basis!

Who Can Use Them
These cards are perfect for anyone looking to work on seated activities and strengthening with kids.  They work well for a wide range of ages.

Where to Use Them
Use these in a classroom, physical education, physical therapy, occupational therapy or for a brain break!


Take A Peek At The Cards and Printables in the PDF format


26  different seated activity and strengthening exercises that include:
26 Seated Activity and Strengthening Picture Task Cards (4 per page)
26 Full sheet printables of the exercises with explanations
26 Full sheet pritnables of the exercises (pictures only)
PDF File

Total Pages: 69



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